The Egyptian Theatre is a rental facility. Our promoters do not always use our ticketing service. If our box office is selling tickets they  can be purchased from The Egyptian Theatre through our system called Seat Adviser (aka SABO) over-the-phone, online or in person at our box office when applicable.
Not all events are run through our system and may not be available through our box office.
All service and ticketing fees are the same regardless of purchase method.

As The Egyptian Theatre is a rental facility our promoters do not always use our ticketing service through SABO or we are only given a small allocation of tickets. Some examples of the most used ticketing services in connection to events at The Egyptian Theatre are,,,,, or similar. For troubleshooting and issues on tickets not sold by The Egyptian Theatre (SABO) please contact the ticketing service associated with the event. The promoter is responsible for how tickets are priced/ticketing fees, seating arrangements, specialty seating (VIP, artist comps etc.), security, ticket allocation, and show-times.

The Box Office will normally stay open through intermission of the event. The Box Office can close at any time deemed appropriate by management, promoter or event after the show/event start time.

Our box office staff is here to help but please remember we may only be able to point you in the direction of where to find assistance.

Will-Call Tickets:
Is where the venue will have your ticket ready to be picked-up a little before or at the event. Our box office will generally open 2 hours before the doors of an event. This is not always a guarantee and may be changed due to a promoter’s needs. Such as a wait on will-call delivery, last minute printing from online sales, or however an event is being run.
If The Egyptian Theatre is the responsible party for your ticket purchasing we are kindly open from 11-4 Tuesday through Saturday and tickets can typically be picked up during these times.
You MUST have a photo ID (or Confirmation E-Mail printed/) to pick-up your tickets.

Please contact our box office by e-mail or phone if Will Call pick up needs to be arrange for person(s) picking up tickets if the are not the original purchaser. If tickets were not purchased through SABO please contact correct ticketing service for any Will Call name changes/corrections.

Mailed Tickets:
If your tickets are to be mailed by The Egyptian Theatre (SABO), you should receive them within a reasonable amount of time, generally 7 to 10 business days depending on the event date. There are additional fees for mailing services and tickets are mailed at least every other Thursday if not sooner. If you do not receive tickets in a reasonable time, please contact the Egyptian Theatre via phone or e-mail with your confirmation number and name– no later than 24 hours before the day of a performance to insure proper help can be given.
If you have purchased mail-out tickets from a 3rd party ticketing source The Egyptian Theatre will be unable to assist you. Please contact the source of purchase.

Print-At-Home and Mobile Tickets:
Print at home is an electronic delivery method by which your tickets are e-mailed directly to you after your purchase to be printed out by yourself and brought to the event. Mobile tickets are paperless and sent to your phone/e-mail so you can use your mobile device as a ticket. You will receive an e-mail from your ticket purchasing source with instructions for redemption.

Resale Tickets/3rd Party Tickets:
The Egyptian Theatre can only provide customer care, and service, for tickets purchased through the Egyptian Theatre (SABO). Many of our promoters have their own ticketing system or hire out to alternative ticket services (i.e. TicketWeb, etc.) and they will need to be contacted for support. We are happy to help navigate you in the right direction for assistance but we may not be able to resolve the issue.
“Scalping” or reselling tickets is not a crime or illegal in Idaho and there are many instance of people needing to resale tickets for various reasons. We are happy to change names on tickets at our will call if we have them with proper identification and proof the original purchaser is agreeing to the change. We recommend staying away from online services claiming “to-good-to-be-true” or extravagant prices. Our Box Office is happy to relay ticket price, validity, and share showtime information to help with your purchasing/reselling needs.
Tickets that have been purchased via resale are at your own risk and cannot be guaranteed by our venue.

Fees: Ticket, Service or Transaction?
All service and ticketing fees are the same regardless of purchase method.
We understand that ticket prices can get confusing but we will try to help.
The ticket price most seen is called the “face-value” this is the price most people see advertised through media. These prices are typically divided into sections, time-frame or categories based on the decisions of the promoter. (i.e. balcony, main floor, senior, adult, day of show price etc.) This is what the artist is charging the promoter and the artists usually keeps 100% of it.
Then there is a ticket fee or service fee. This is set fourth by the promoter of a show in their contract and is occasionally nominally split to the venue of a show for their time, employees and supplies.
For The Egyptian Theatre and many others we have a nominal “transaction fee”. This covers the cost of our software/card charges and taxes.
Some events may charge tax separately.
Fees are subject to change and advertised prices are at the discretion of the promoter.

There are no refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased through The Egyptian Theatre (SABO).
If there are multiple showing of an event (I.e. Opera Idaho showings typically have an evening show and a matinee show on different days) and you need to exchange to a different time please contact our Box Office. There is never a guarantee that an exchange can be made and additional service fees/ticket pricing changes may apply. Not all ticketing is done through our box office (SABO). The Egyptian Theatre is not responsible for the policies of 3rd party ticketing services.

All sales are final. No requests for cancellations, or refunds are accepted. In the event that a performance is either canceled or postponed, the Egyptian Theatre will make every effort to contact every patron via e-mail, or phone, time permitting for tickets purchased through our Box Office. Refunds on tickets purchased are made for a canceled or postponed event only. In all instances when a ticket is refunded, only the cost of the ticket is refunded. The Egyptian Theatre will only be responsible for tickets purchased through our ticking service at SABO and cannot refund tickets purchased through 3rd party ticketing systems.

Declined, Duplicate or Pending Charges
You may see pending charges on your account even though the order was declined or seems to have gone through multiple times. When an order is placed on our website (SABO), the transaction is sent to the bank for verification of the billing address entered and for availability of funds. The bank holds the funds for that transaction, even if the order is then declined for whatever the reason. The hold will drop off automatically in two or three business days since the transaction was not actually completed. Some banks, such as credit unions, make take longer or have additional restrictions on transactions.
Our system (SABO) has a 2 decline lock-out for credit/debit cards. The reason for being declined can vary. Please don’t panic! Contact your financial facility or consult your bank account for troubleshooting on your end. If all seems well please contact us via phone or e-mail with a message including your name, name on purchasing card, which event you were trying to purchase for and confirmation number (if possible.). We can typically help you out for why you were declined. Sometime it is as simple as an address error and we will assist you as promptly as we are able to during regular business hours.

The Egyptian Theatre is only responsible for tickets purchased through our ticking service through SABO and cannot troubleshoot tickets purchased through 3rd party ticketing systems.