Land Trust of the Treasure Valley & Wild Lens Presents
Les Bois Film Festival EVENING 7pm

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Past Event: Saturday, Mar 4, 2017

Les Bois Film Festival

It’s back- one of the only locally produced film festivals, a celebration of nature and the outdoors through film and art, with a special emphasis on local film makers, artists or stories that are connected to Boise and the Treasure Valley. These films inspire viewers to forge a deeper connection with the natural world, building a community around wildlife conservation and wild land preservation in Idaho’s Treasure Valley. You won’t want to miss this one! There are 2 screenings this year, with different films at each, so join us for one or both sessions. Brought to you by two Idaho nonprofits: Wild Lens, an Idaho non-profit focused on addressing wildlife conservation issues through documentary storytelling, and the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, a membership organization that conserves nature close to home, through trail work, outdoor education and activities, and land conservation. Proceeds benefit the Land Trust. All ages. Beer and wine available at the evening showing. For more information, visit

What’s new in 2017?

As the 2016 Festival sold out, an afternoon program has been added for 2017. This will enable the Festival to reach more people, including families and children. The two programs will show different films.

We have partnered with the SWELL Artist Collective to host a conservation and wildlife themed art exhibit as a part of this year’s Film Festival, opening on Thursday, March 2nd at 404 S 8th St, Suite L105, BoDo.

Why Les Bois?

While accounts differ on the exact origin of the name, the Festival takes its name from our capital city,

Boise, which is thought have been derived from the French “Les Bois”, meaning “The Trees/Wood”

coined by early French visitors.